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Work From Home Setup & Package That Fits Your Budget

Save Money, Stop Stolen Data, and Streamline Productivity

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Fast, Easy, and Secure



Zoom setup and training


Security and antivirus/antimalware setup

On-Site Training

On-site training and support by local techies

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Microsoft 365/Email

Microsoft 365 and Outlook or email setup

Hardware Setup

Hardware: computer, laptop, desktop, camera, and printer setup

WIFI & Internet Setup

Internet and WIFI setup and troubleshooting

Work From Home | Remote Work Starter Kit

Follow these simple steps to enjoy a safe and secure work from home environment.

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    Home Office Safety Solutions
    Smoke Alarms – You have these in your home but why not install another in your office due to many electricals? Remember to check the batteries regularly.

    Fire Extinguishers – Make sure you are confident with using one before you do so. Be aware that there are several types of fire. K

    Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Installing a detector is an easy and necessary safety solution.

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