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Mac & Windows

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We Fix All Laptops

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Mac & PC

Mac and Windows laptop repair, installation, and configuration. We help you with software problems.

Upgrades & Updates

We can upgrade your old Mac to a fast and reliable laptop at a fraction of the cost of a new Mac. Let us upgrade your Windows laptop and see the difference.

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Data Recovery

Restore deleted files, pictures, and videos, from Recycle Bin, HDD, SSD, USB, SD card, etc.

Screen Replacement

Mac and Windows laptop screen replacement. Let us find the right screen replacement for your laptop.

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Email Management

Email setup, configuration, recovery, and security. Let us do it right for you.

Battery Replacement

All laptops’ battery replacement. Every laptop, from HPs to MacBooks uses proprietary technology in their batteries, and purchasing the wrong replacement could seriously damage your machine.

Mac & Windows Repair, Installation, Upgrades, and Configuration

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair


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