Secured Website, Unsecured Website

by Techie May 08, 2019
seured website, unsecured website

Secured Website vs. Unsecured Website
Do You Still Have an Unsecured Website?
Is Your Connection Private?

Protect Your Business

In late 2017, Google warned that they would label websites without proper security ‘UNSECURED”.

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Unsecured Connection Mark

If you see a red mark – as in the picture to you left – your website is labeled “unsecured.” Your visitors and clients’ information may be stolen. And, the chances are they get stolen.

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Green Lock

If you have a green lock – as in the picture to your right – your website is labeled secure. However, you still need antivirus and antimalware installed on your website.

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An unsecured website is bad for any business. Keep your place in search ranking, and more importantly, protect your business and clients’ information.

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