Troubleshoot Mac Blue or Gray Screen on Startup

by Techie February 25, 2019
Troubleshoot Mac Blue or Gray Screen on Startup

Mac can encounter serious issues. Here’s how to troubleshoot what’s hanging the Mac.

In case you’re still covered by Apple, take it to the nearest apple to fix it. If not covered and you still want to try, Here’s a way:

apple macbook

Step 1: Disconnect All Peripherals from the Mac

Some of your peripherals may not be compatible with your Mac. It might be a USB hub, a printer, or an external hard drive. Disconnect all.

safe boot 300 231

Step 2: Perform a Safe Boot

This checks your hard disk while booting up with the minimum of drives that normally needed to work.

Perform this by starting up your computer while holding down the Shift key until the Apple logo appears. If successful, restart again to see if boots like always. If not, let’s dive deeper.

disk utility 1

Step 3: Run Disk Utility

If all successful, run your disk utility to check the hard drive. To do that, check your Mac version by going to Mac Support and follow their instructions.

Please refer to additional resources:

Disk Utility User Guide

For further assistance please contact us:

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